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Get Assistance With Your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Do you need to consolidate your debts to pay them down? The experts at Moody Law Offices, P.C. can discuss the option of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy with you.  Chapter 13 commonly involves repaying mortgages and restructuring auto loans. Secured debts are paid back at 100%, while unsecured debts may be less.

When you file under Chapter 13, your debts will be consolidated into monthly payments through a trustee, often over a 3-5 year period. The length of the period and payment amount can vary depending on several factors. A discharge is given once the plan is paid and completed.

Structuring your repayment

  • Amount of the debt

  • Nature of the debt

  • Monthly income of the debtor

  • Monthly expenses of the debtor.

Common factors in your payment plan

Do you feel you can't pay your debts at all?  You may want to

consider Chapter 7.

Discuss your bankruptcy concerns with a professional.