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Helpful Answers To Your Bankruptcy Questions

You can find some answers to common questions we receive here at Moody Law Offices, P.C. of Pittsburgh, PA below. We strongly suggest calling or emailing us to schedule your initial consultation and make certain that you will be covered as each bankruptcy is unique to the person and situation.

You will not be allowed to charge anything at all once you file. The trustee will make you cut all of your cards in half. There are some exceptions, but you should consult with an attorney for these.

Can I keep my credit cards?

You could possibly qualify for either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Both have specifics that are unique to each filing. However, if you have more money at the end of the month, and are struggling financially, you should contact our office for a consultation.

Do I qualify for bankruptcy?

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Once you file for bankruptcy, creditors and collection agencies are stopped from their attempting to contact you. Some circumstances are in exception to this, but a qualified attorney can explain these to you.

Will filing bankruptcy keep the creditors off my back?

As all married people know, there are advantages and disadvantages when deciding to file or sign for something jointly or separately. The same is true especially for filing bankruptcy. It is necessary to examine the particulars of your situation to assess whether or not you should file jointly or not.

Should I file with my spouse?

Bankruptcy will show up on your credit record and will without a doubt, hamper your future ability to get new credit. Chapter 7 will be on your record for 10 years. However, creditors may sometimes be more willing to give credit to someone who has no debt than to someone who is drowning in it.

What will happen to my credit record?

Most people are unaware that the law does provide for some protection from having to pay some types of taxes once you file for bankruptcy. It is possible to discharge taxes but only those based on a certain number of factors. Our office can go over your tax status with you and see what we can do.

Will I still have to pay taxes after I file?

When dealing with stopping a foreclosure or repossession, the law is very complicated and whether or not someone may keep his or her property is a matter that requires the close attention of an experienced attorney. Depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to, how much equity is in your home, and your payment history, it is possible you may be able to retain your home or vehicle.

Can I keep my home and vehicle?

By simply calling or e-mailing our office, you can learn the answers to these or any other questions you may have about bankruptcy from any of our experienced attorneys. Let us help you help yourself out of a

life of debt.

How can I learn more about bankruptcy?